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Join the Aus & NZ Movement

A Chosen Champion is someone who, quite simply, champions The Chosen!

If you're hooked on The Chosen then it's likely you're sharing about it with your community. It's our goal, as the official Australia and NZ partner to help The Chosen 'reach a billion people with the authentic Jesus' and we could use your help.

Sign up to be an official 'Chosen Champion' and we'll contact you with opportunities to help spread the word and invitations for local The Chosen events.

What's involved?

  • You'll partner with Faith Media, the official partners of The Chosen in Australia and NZ and help us spread the word.

  • You'll have opportunities to meet other Chosen Champions and to share about what The Chosen means to you.

  • You'll get the latest insider knowledge and behind the scenes details and of course, all the Australia and NZ updates. 

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What can you expect?

  • We'll email you once a month (don't worry - we're short and sweet!)

  • You'll get information you can share to champion The Chosen

  • You'll get early invitations to Chosen events

Chosen Champions, let's get started!


Thanks for being a champion!

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